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Monday, March 01, 2004
Dear Sean Penn,

Congratulations. I saw Mystic River and your performance was definately deserving of the Oscar you won last night.

However, you may wish to stick to acting and skip all of your pseudo-politico-wannabe-oh-please-take-me-seriously-as-an-intellectual-I-really-can-be-witty statements in your acceptance speech next time. There is really nothing quite like fulfilling Lincoln's prophecy and removing all doubt to a billion-plus member television audience and revealing to what extent you really are a mental giant, is there?

You really should remember that you were given your Oscar for acting because you are absolutely brilliant at saying what other people write for you.

So tell me? Any more trips planned to Iraq? Im sure 35 million people would love to show you just how great life was living under Saddam's genocidal/maniacal/terroristic regime, which you seemed to oh-so-admire; I think you may not have been exposed to that point of view for some reason last year.

PS - If you decide to join Johnny Depp in Paris after the November elections, please take Alec Baldwin with you. He seems to have forgotten about a certain promise he made in 2000.

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