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Monday, June 30, 2003
Yep, I jacked it up.

Hit one button and lost all my formatting. Fortunately, I was able to do a view source of the page before I published and am able to get many of my links back. I was planning on making changes anyway, as I was tired of the old format, but wanted to wait until I had basictrainingblog up on it's own. Oh well, a little duct tape, WD-40 and a couple hours and here you go. At least now the archives work and you can go back to the beginning of my BCT.

PS: I don't know why the dates for the Basic Training Blog entries are black, they are supposed to be red...
Tuesday, June 24, 2003
Thursday, February 13, 2003

Today sucked. Very sore. Smoked again in the morning. We were even warned a couple of times too. Within about 15 seconds of, someone talked... Very tired - this is starting to catch up with me.

The day did end on a great note, however. During the day, we were over getting a communications class. I was acting PG [PG = Platoon Guide] as the other was on sick call. There was a girl from another platoon who was giving me lots of grief. Later, we were out in formation and she did something to piss off a drill sergeant. If you respond to a drill sergeant without saying "drill sergeant" at the end of your statement, they like to use sarcasm to prompt you to add it: they will say "Yes what? ...yes buddy, asshole, pal...?" Well, this drill sergeant said "...yes asshole?" and says, "Yes, asshole." There are a few seconds of silence as this sunk in (even though we couldn't see what was happening, we could visualize the gears turning in this DS' head as he realized what she said.) Then there was an explosion as 4 of them jumped down her throat. Drill sergeants are no longer allowed to touch trainees with their hands, so they make up for it with their voices. I had been wondering, actually, if anyone had ever slipped up and said that in the past, and what would happen.

We had our first wall locker inspection. We failed, of course. Had to repack everything into our duffle bags and bring them outside, clean the barracks, and bring them back in. However, I think it was planned that we would fail because there were 3 hours scheduled for this inspection.

My back is very sore. First is was my fingertips, but they are fine now. Palms of my hands are now very sore as well from all the pushing.
Wednesday, February 12, 2003

The BRM training room was what I thought our barracks would look like. [BRM = Basic Rifle Marksmanship] Squat, long, thin buildings made of corrugated aluminum. Our actual barracks are bunkbeds, 16 in my room. Our platoon has other bays with 7 and 4 in them.

Today: running PT. I am in alpha group due to my fast diagnostic mile run time. Beginning to think I should have dogged that diagnostic but then again, I haven't run in a couple months. I should be OK eventually. Right now I am really hapy I have no knee or shinsplint pain.

Took a trip to the museum on base. Mostly a history of mines and chemicals in war as Ft Leonard Wood is where those specialties, along with MPs, train.

Drill & Ceremony: we learn many moves with our rifles that you see: present arms, right shoulder arms, left shoulder arms, inspect arms, etc. No "razzle dazzle" move from Stripes, though.

Smoked again for 30 min or so. Front-back-go's and side straddle hops (jumping jacks). About 5 assholes can't grow up and learn to be quiet and respectful. I did, however, feel really good after. I am getting stronger - not bigger yet - we don't get much time to eat alot so I don't think much weight gain is going to occur.
Tuesday, February 11, 2003

0400 wakeup. 1 hr PT. My back is killing me. We do at least 200 pushups, then flutterkicks, situps, overhead armclaps (top half of jumping jacks) and arm raises. They don't sound hard, but do 100 of them in a row.

We get our M16s and learn to disassemble and reassemble them. We have to do it in under a minute - I can't even get the handguards off in that as that spring is really tough. Once I get those off, though, I fly.

Forgot to mention yesterday, but if war comes, I may get fasttracked to a 6 week BCT instead of 9, and get deployed immediately to whatever MOS the army needs that I can do. [MOS = Military Occupational Specialty] Not a great prospect, but if I can come back to my original plan afterward, I would be up for it. The thing is, the war would probably be over before those 6 weeks (well 5 now) are up.

I may have ducked another smoke session. Missed a spot while shaving today. The drill sergeant told me to fix it and I forgot. He wasn't my regular drill sergeant but he called me on it later. He was pissed, but couldn't do anything at the time. I think (hope) he forgot. Will be taking extra care tomorrow...
Monday, June 16, 2003

My blogger has switched over to the new format and I'm trying to get things straight with it. I also all along intended to move the basic training part of my blog to it's own site, so this is as good a time as any to do that. I will post that address when it is up and these posts are moved. After that point, new entries will be much more frequent.

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