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Tuesday, November 19, 2002

OK, Im in LA, waiting another 90 min for a crystal to finish etching. Might as well mention those I have seen while working here:

- Billy Crystal and Kevin Spacey, with a video crew in tow. I guess they were working on something for this.
- Jason Lee
- Steve Hytner, who's face is now forever etched in crystal in our kiosk.
- Also, Jane Seymour was supposed to have her face done, but did not end up comming back.
- Im pretty sure a guy the other day browsing was Henry Simmons, Detective Baldwin Jones in the current cast of NYPD Blue.
- Finally, I think a woman in Farmer's Market was Rosanna Arquette

No, Im not a star f*cker, I just have little to do until this piece finishes.


I hate writing an entry and having blogger screw up publishing, because I lose what I write if I dont ctrl-c it before hitting that little orange button. Anyway, Im in LA, working at The Grove, which is a shopping center next to Farmer's Market. The business is called Visions in Crystal. The work is very interesting, and it has to be so: Im finishing up my 14th straight day, averaging 12 hours a day. I guess not working since last Dec 21 also makes that a bit more tolerable... Either way, it will be good preparation when I am 24/7 for 8 weeks at the end of January.

Nothing in the news that has inspired me (or enraged me) enough to write.
Monday, November 04, 2002

Not much posting lately. Moved out of NYC last Tuesday and am currently at my father's in NH. Will be storing my stuff here as I go to a temp job in LA working for a friend who is starting up a business. Fly out there tomorrow. Will post more when I get some time (and am not on a 14Kbps connection).

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