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Friday, August 16, 2002

I've had it. Whether or not baseball players actually strike on Aug 30, the fans should strike on the 29th. Leave the stadiums empty and the neilson ratings at 0. Its time to send a message to both the team owners and players about who really owns the game.
Wednesday, August 14, 2002

If Bush is the free-marketeer he is said to be, he will let United and any other major airline go under. The bailout after 9/11 was an extreme measure for extreme times, but now its time to let the market shake out the bad and bring up the good. I've heard many interviews on TV about this issue and one big answer from the bail-em-out crowd is, "have you ever flown Jet Blue or Southwest overseas? Who wants to fly in a 737 to Tokyo?" Well, if the major airlines start to go under, I wouldn't be surprised at all if Jet Blue decided to expand their fleet to two types of planes and start buying 777s. They have some money now, and if the routes become available, they've proven their management skills to such a degree that investers would probably be drooling to get in line.

The airlines that survive will be the ones that actually care about their customers.
Friday, August 09, 2002

This was a fun site to run across. Disturbing Search Requests is a site where people can post the surreal, strange, or just sick search requests they find in their log files. As my first post, I put up the search I had a while ago of someone looking for nude photos of Marjorie Knoller nude.

Thursday, August 08, 2002

The forces of evil will carry their coffins on their backs to die in disgraceful failure ... to dig their own graves," Saddam Hussein promised his people Thursday as the U.S. and Britain ramped up their war plans against Iraq.

Full story here.

Shortly after the festivities, Hussein was seen scurrying around Iraq's borders with a stick, engraving the following into the sand:

Death Shall Come on Swift Wings To Him Who Disturbs the Peace of the King

Tuesday, August 06, 2002

CANBERRA (Reuters Health) - TV advertisements that aggressively market junk food to children contribute to the growing obesity epidemic and should be regulated, according to group made up of Australian physicians and researchers.

Yep. The TV advertisements are manipulating the TV sets to use their cords to tie up children, then force-feed them junk food. Regulation is obviously needed.

Most of the pundits I see are dismissing the possibility that the West Nile Virus currently being spread by mosquitos is a biological attack on us. They claim that noone would launch an attack with such a benign (relatively) disease. However, what if this is a test? A test to see if infecting a few mosquitos could ultimately lead to wide-spread infestation, without causing too much concern or alarm. The virus has now been found in almost every state east of the Mississippi, just 2 years after the first reported cases. If it is a test, its a success and another disease could be on the way. I dont want to know what it could be.

California has started a tip line where people can report suspected corporate fraud. Look out! That guy from the mailroom is a secret government agent looking through the CEO's mail before delivering it! Let the screeds of "big brother" begin from the usual suspects.

*pin drops*

*crickets chirp*

What? When its a federal tipline proposed by the republican justice department and the victims may be minorities and/or immigrants, it is a gross violation of civil rights. But I forgot, its ok when the victims are going to be mostly white, rich, and male.
Monday, August 05, 2002


Saw M. Night Shaymalan's Signs. Liked it ALOT, had me on the edge of my seat, and I jumped a few times. HOWEVER, something kept popping into my mind that bothered me, and, IMO, is becomming more and more significant a plot hole:

What American farmer, living alone with his family in the middle of hundreds of acres of land, in a (seemingly) 1 or 2 cop town, doesn't own a shotgun???

Yeah, Mel Gibson sitting in the basement at the bottom of a flight of stairs and shooting a couple 7-foot aliens as they descended certainly would've killed some of the suspense, but Shaymalan is a brilliant screenwriter, and Im sure if he penned a lead character that took advantage of his 2nd ammendment right to defend himself, farm, and family, he would've been able to come up with something equally good. Yes, Gibson's character is (was) a minister - OK, I can buy that he wouldn't have a gun because of that, but he lost his faith in a BIG way 6 months prior and became a man that takes care of himself because as he, himself says, "noone is out there looking out for me". Even if he had not bought one then, I can tell you that after that first spooky night, and if not then, DEFINATELY after my 100 lb german shepherd tries to eat my 4 year old daughter, my first stop is Wal-Mart for a new 12 gauge.

I dont want to lay any blame at Mr Shaymalan's foot, but I am suspicious of this obvious omission and thus deliberately used the phrase "2nd ammendment". Is there a message here that "see, we really dont need guns, even the most daunting attacker can be defeated in other ways!" (ramble mode on) Speaking of which, the aliens planned a worldwide ground assault on over 400 cities and towns. The aliens are killed by contact with water. Are we to believe that in not one of those 400 cities or towns was it raining? Any why would they EVER invade a planet that is 70% water, inhabited by sentient beings that are biologically 90%+ water??? (ramble mode off)

OK, so Im a bit of a stickler, and this is, however, one of the few movies I have seen the past few years that are worth the priced-especially-for-LA-and-NYC inflated rate of $10. Overall, the story is tight, but the gun and rain issues are too big for my mind to accept. Maybe I will see it again and try to figure them out.

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