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Tuesday, April 13, 2004

I guess its obvious by now that I will not be writing on here regularly any more. The time required for my classes, physical training, and other military training is just too much for me to put in the time and research required to post the type of quality comments that I prefer.

I invite you to go over to my online basic training journal. I will be adding comments there every once in a while.

This site will remain up, however, and when the day comes that I am deployed, I will most likely use it as a way to keep in touch with people back home.

Thank you for reading, and especially to all of those who have helped me out. The email address here will remain active so feel free also to drop a line.

- TJ

Monday, March 01, 2004
Dear Sean Penn,

Congratulations. I saw Mystic River and your performance was definately deserving of the Oscar you won last night.

However, you may wish to stick to acting and skip all of your pseudo-politico-wannabe-oh-please-take-me-seriously-as-an-intellectual-I-really-can-be-witty statements in your acceptance speech next time. There is really nothing quite like fulfilling Lincoln's prophecy and removing all doubt to a billion-plus member television audience and revealing to what extent you really are a mental giant, is there?

You really should remember that you were given your Oscar for acting because you are absolutely brilliant at saying what other people write for you.

So tell me? Any more trips planned to Iraq? Im sure 35 million people would love to show you just how great life was living under Saddam's genocidal/maniacal/terroristic regime, which you seemed to oh-so-admire; I think you may not have been exposed to that point of view for some reason last year.

PS - If you decide to join Johnny Depp in Paris after the November elections, please take Alec Baldwin with you. He seems to have forgotten about a certain promise he made in 2000.
Friday, February 20, 2004
This is kind of interesting: asks you questions about your opinions on various issues as well as how you rank the importance of each category for you.

No surprise for me in my returned rankings:
100% - Bush
67% - Kerry
65% - Edwards
61% - Dean
49% - Sharpton
32% - Kucinich

If personality were an issue, I think "I have a scream" Dean, the race-baiting Sharpton, and Kucinich of the Tin-foil Hat Brigade would rank in the single digits...
Monday, January 12, 2004
This just in! It seems that Saddam Hussein had plans for that $750,000 on him when he was captured:

Who says Hollywood isn't biased?

Anyone see The Practice last night? My God! What a rant at the end during court that was straight out of the anti-Bush/Ashcroft "taking our civil liberties" mantra. I am not a lawyer, but is slinging rhetoric with no proof something that is encouraged in our courtrooms today?

The writers, producers, and actors of The Practice ought to be ashamed of themselves, but Im sure they're probably walking with heads high today, thinking they did something noble.

Ignorance is indeed bliss...
Joe Lieberman probably lost my vote yesterday. During a FoxNews interview, when asked about if he would run as the VP candidate this year of offered the chance, he mentioned how he had already won an election while being the VP candidate.

The left likes to say that there should be some sort of requirement to "take a test to be allowed to vote" as if only the educated matter. The idea is really to weed out those people who would not vote they way they want them to vote. However, I think that candidates should at least have some rudimentary understanding of how an election in this country works before being allowed to run. Mr Lieberman, repeat after me: In the United States of America, the winner of the Presidential election is the winner of the electoral college vote, not the popular vote.

Write that on the board 100 times and I will consider voting for you again in the NH primary (and yes, you really did have my vote).
Friday, January 09, 2004
Victor Davis Hanson's always brilliant Friday analyses at NRO is a must-read: The Same Old Thing - Our Augean stables are 30 years old.
We must continue hacking away the terrorist Hydra in the Sunni Triangle, and hope that the ongoing cultural, economic, and military fallout from Iraq begins to erode fascism and theocracy in Syria and Iran faster than such nearby pathologies can ruin us in Iraq. We are in a race for civilization like none other since World War II. And yet, due solely to the courage and skill of an amazing generation of American professional soldiers battling in Iraq and Afghanistan, we are winning — as this difficult war is beginning to resemble 1944 far more than 1939.

As the Europeans talk, the Palestinians explode, and the Arab dictatorships threaten, the fence creeps on in Israel — the most radical old idea in a half-century. It is not a perfect solution, but a forced solution of sorts nonetheless, prompting hysterical reactions from the terrorists, but strange silence from most capitals of the Arab world. Many outside of Ramallah secretly won't be unhappy to see the situation gradually quiet down into a de facto settlement — along the lines of readjusted borders in a present-day postwar Germany or Japan, whose citizens are not blowing up Poles or Russians a half century later for occupying home soil lost after failed wars of aggression.

The Palestinians, who get their state and will see lots of settlers leave, hate the barrier not because it slices off some security slivers from the West Bank, but rather because it simply promises an end to their entire parasitic relationship with Israel. Suicide bombing was predicated on weakening Israeli will, ruining the economy, discouraging immigration to Israel, encouraging Jewish flight, tapping into latent anti-Semitism in Europe, and thus hoping that terror and demography would one day win what arms never could. In contrast, early indicators suggest the fence will make it very hard for suicide bombers to continue to traffic in death — apparently the sole bargaining chip left to a corrupt Palestinian Authority.

This can't be good for Howard Dean:

Officials in the popular ski resort area of Killington want the town to secede from Vermont and join neighboring New Hampshire in a dispute over taxes.

Apparently, the town and its businesses pay about $10 Million per year in taxes yet only receive $1 M in any benefits from the state. Says a town official:
It kind of reminds us of Colonial days," Town Manager David Lewis said Thursday. "The Colonies were being faced with the Stamp Act, the Tea Act, the Sugar Act. England wasn't giving them any rights. They were treating the Colonies as just a revenue source."

A state official counters with:
absent an armed insurrection type of thing. ... A town is a construction of the state and exists at the pleasure of the Legislature.

Well, Vermont does have some of the most liberal gun-control laws in the nation, so if push really came to shove... :) but all kidding aside, this could be very bad for Howard Dean if it gets the media attention it deserves (which it probably won't because it would be bad for Howard Dean). It calls directly into issue those taxing and spending policies that he wants to bring to the federal government. Sure, he isn't governor now, but the legacy is his.

I have no legal background, so I've emailed the godfather and Jacob Levy over at The Volokh Conspiracy to see if anyone over there has any state law insight here.

UPDATE: Whoop! It's already up at Volokh so I didn't send that mail.
Wednesday, January 07, 2004
The new WTC design is out. Here it is: (from

I hate it. We have become obsessed with stone walls with engraved names as if the simplicity is supposed to make us ponder some deep significance about the accompanying empty space.

me·mo·ri·al n. Something, such as a monument or holiday, intended to celebrate or honor the memory of a person or an event.

The only memorial I have wanted to see at the WTC site is this simple, classic design:

What else could possibly make us better remember what was there and what happened?
Tuesday, January 06, 2004
So I'm home in NH over Christmas exodus and there are presidential election signs everywhere. While driving through Dublin, NH, I see the only Bush sign that I see my entire time there. It is probably 5 feet high by 8 feet wide, and in bright gold, someone has spraypainted "SUCKS!" on it.

Can anyone remind me again which party is supposed to be the one tolerant of differing opinions?

That's what I thought...

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